Q:  Do you have vegan options?

A: We do! Actually our whole bakery is vegan. This includes both our Short North bakery and Upper Arlington Coffee Shop.

Q: Do you sell your treats anywhere other than your locations?

A: Yes we do! We currently sell our treats at the following locations:

Grandview Grind

Luck Bros Coffee house

Hopewell Works

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea : Bridge Park

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea: Polaris

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea: Wellington OSU

Bottoms Up Coffee

Roosevelt at Gravity

The Hills Market Downtown

Highline Coffee Co.

Lifestyle Cafe

Q: Weren't you previously called "The Angry Bakery"?

A: Yes, up until  June of 2019 we were part of the Angry Baker company. In June of 2019, we separated from The Angry Baker and became Happy Little Treats.

Q: Does that mean the bakery has changed?

A: Nope, not at all. We are the same little vegan bakery from before just with a new (& happier) name!

Q: I or someone I know has dairy/egg/gluten/nut allergies, can they eat your pastries?

A: As a vegan bakery we do not use any dairy or eggs so you are safe from those allergens,. For extreme milk allergies, our chocolate chips are made in the same facility as milk chocolate so please consider that when deciding or avoid pastries with chocolate chips. We do make gluten and nut free pastries, however, we do use wheat and most nuts in our bakery so everything is done on shared equipment.

Q: Do you do wedding/celebration cakes or catering orders?

A: Yes we do! Please visit our menu pages for options and visit our ordering or wedding page to contact us about ordering!

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